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  • 1.  Hygeine - Special Education Student

    Posted 12-14-2022 12:18
    What is the requirement/responsibility of the school when a student's basic hygeine needs are not being met?

    Two specific cases:
    One student is non-verbal and kept within the classroom but has interactions with students and staff that leave the room regularly. Student picks/digs poop regularly. Poop is in fingernails, ear, hair, mouth, etc. When he's caught in the act, he is cleaned at school. However, he is coming to school with this on his body and his clothes. Two staff members have recently been diagnosed with C-diff and my assumption is it is coming from him but obviously, there is no proof as parents have not taken him to the doctor. Parent is aware the expectation that student comes to school clean. Student has aversion to water/showers.

    Second case would be students who are not showering, cleaning themselves or wearing clean clothes to school. Students have been talked to. Supplies have been given. Supplies have been sent home. Parents have been notified.  No change.

    Is this a situation that we need to get CPS involved?  Basic needs are not being met.
    I'm just feeling the frustration of the staff and I do not know next steps.

    Jessica Sampolinski B.S. Nursing
    Fall River, WI United States

  • 2.  RE: Hygeine - Special Education Student

    Posted 12-16-2022 14:44 I have a similar case at my elementary school.  I now have scheduled one-on-one meetings with this student to discuss hygiene topics and be a positive adult role model in her life, but I fear that it is not even working.  I have made "care plans" and goal vision boards with her regarding personal cares, which she loves to participate in and personalize.  I am just not seeing any progress unfortunately.

    Lydia Pomeroy RN BSN
    District School Nurse 
    Howards Grove School District

    Lydia Pomeroy
    Manitowoc, WI United States