About Us

The mission of WASN is to support and advance the practice of professional school nurses in Wisconsin in order to enhance the health, safety, and educational success of students.


In November 1970, the first conference for school nurses was organized. On May 12, 1977 the School Nurses of Wisconsin (SNOW) was officially organized and Katheryn Etter elected as the first president. At the annual meeting on April 23rd, 1998, membership voted to change the name of our organization to the Wisconsin Association of School Nurses in order to reflect our unified affiliation with the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and dual membership in both organizations. During the annual meeting on April 23, 2015, WASN members approved a change from 6 districts  to 12 districts, in order to align with the boundaries of the 12 CESA districts.

Each of the 12 WASN Districts is represented by an elected Director or Co-directors who serve on the WASN Board as the liaison between the Board of Directors and District members.

To locate your WASN District, use this interactive Public School District and CESA map  or View a complete list of school districts and their WASN Districts.



WASN 2019-20 Strategic Plan