NBCSN Scholarships

Wisconsin Association of School Nurses
National Board Certification Scholarship Award Process

Purpose: This program honors WASN’s commitment to meeting our mission of supporting and advancing the practice of professional school nurses in Wisconsin by supporting the achievement of attaining the highest national standards for school nursing care.

Procedure: As a benefit of membership in the organization, two scholarships in the amount of $360.00 will be awarded annually to reimburse the cost of the current national certification registration fee.

The scholarships will be awarded after applicant successfully passes the NBCSN exam and verification of applicant meeting criteria for the program has been completed.

Applicant Requirements  

  1. Current Active membership status in WASN for at least the past two years.
  2. Current uninhibited license as a registered nurse in the state of Wisconsin.
  3. Current employment as a school nurse in the State of Wisconsin.
  4. Obtain passing score on NBCSN exam and receive notice of certification from NBCSN
  5. Applicants may not be part of the selection committee.
  6. Only complete applications will be accepted and reviewed.

Application Process

  1. Register for and complete exam for NBCSN: https://www.nbcsn.org/ncsn/examination/ 
  2. Submit a complete electronic application within the designated rolling  application dates 
    1. Late applications will not be considered.
  3. All applicants will be notified of the Scholarship Committee's decision by the WASN President (or designee) within 30 days of application deadline.


  1. Scholarship essays and applications will be reviewed, scored, and verified by the Scholarship Committee based on the Essay Grading Rubric.
  2. The Scholarship will only be presented to candidates who meet all of the established criteria.
  3. Scholarships will not be awarded if a qualified candidate is not identified and the program’s budgeted funds will be placed back into the general fund for WASN.
  4. The decision of the committee will be final and not open to appeal.


  1. Two scholarships are available per year based on WASN’s fiscal calendar (July 1st-June 30th)
  2. Once two awards have been distributed, the program will close until the next fiscal year.
  3. Scholarship awards will be granted upon successful completion of the NCSN exam and verification of application requirements.
  4. Scholarship recipients must complete and return the WASN Scholarship Recipient Form that is sent with award notification.
  5. Recipient's name and photo will be published in the WASN Notes newsletter.
  6. Recipient(s) will be recognized at the annual WASN conference during the awards ceremony.


Application Deadline: WASN is working to provide this for the 2022 timeline and we appreciate your patience.  Dates are based on the NBCSN testing windows and notification timeline of 8 weeks post testing window close. For 2019-20 the rolling dates include*: July 15th, 2019 (Summer test window 2019),  January 15th 2020 (Fall test window 2019), May 20th 2020 (Spring test window 2020).

*Once two awards have been distributed during the current WASN fiscal year, the program will close until the     next WASN fiscal year.

NBCSN scholarship Application*: 

*Please include a written verification of current employment as a school nurse, confirmation of passing score on NBCSN exam, and notice of certification from NBCSN (online verification may also be used for this).

*Only complete applications received prior to the rolling application deadlines will be  reviewed.

Step 1: Complete registration for NBCSN exam and successfully complete exam during testing window.


Step 2: Complete an essay, double-spaced 500 words or less, using the evaluation rubric.

Please address the following topics in your essay:

  • At least one of your desired professional goals related to certification.
  • The benefit this certification may have on your school nursing practice and the Impact on your school, community, and at risk and/or underserved population groups.
  • What your contribution to WASN and other school nurses as a result of this advanced certification may be.

Step 3: Complete an application to include verification documents and essay attachments.
Link to Application


Essay Evaluation Rubric






Writing-Overview: Ideas, voice,  conventions, fluency, organization, and word choice

Ideas presented in logical order. Unique and interesting details support the main idea. Natural flow made writing easy to read. Used scholarly vocabulary.

Most ideas presented in logical order. Details support the main idea. Used scholarly vocabulary. 

Some ideas presented in logical order. There were

few details to support the main idea.

Ideas were not

presented in logical

order. Details did not

support the main idea.

Quality and Clarity of Thought (content)

Response indicates depth and complexity of thought in answering the essay question.  Extensive details and relevant examples were used to

answer the essential


Response indicates simplistic or repetitive thoughts in answering the essay question.  Information included

details and strong

examples that provided a clear answer to the

essential questions.

Response lacks focus or demonstrates confused or conflicting thinking.

Information was

relevant, but details and  examples did not address the essential questions.

Response is unfocused, illogical or incoherent.

No essay response provided.  Information had few supporting details or examples. Did not answer the essential


Content-Amount of


Topic and length

Topic was completely

addressed. Statements were clearly supported

by many facts and

detailed examples.

Topic was addressed.

Most statements were supported by facts and examples.

Topic was addressed.

Some statements were supported by facts and examples.

Topic was not

addressed. Statements

were not supported by facts or examples.


Correct spelling,

grammar, punctuation, usage

No spelling, grammar,

capitalization or

punctuation errors.

Sentences are all well formed.

Fewer than 5 spelling

and grammar errors.

Fewer than 5

capitalization and

punctuation errors. One or two flawed sentences.

More than 5 spelling and grammar errors. More than 5 capitalization and

punctuation errors.

Less than 5 sentences

show flawed structure.

More than 10 spelling

and grammar errors.

More than 10

capitalization and

punctuation errors.

Many sentences show flawed structure.

500 words or less