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Wisconsin has a tripartite form of government with three separate but equal branches—the legislative, executive, and judicial. Wisconsin’s Constitution created a separation of the powers of the three branches, giving each branch exclusive “core powers,” in which other branches may not intrude. Beyond those core powers there is a great deal of overlap in the powers of the three branches. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has described Wisconsin’s government as a system of “separateness but interdependence.” Wisconsin’s tripartite governmental structure also gives each branch the power to check and balance the other branches.  Learn more here.

WASN encourages all school nurses and school nurse advocates to learn about political advocacy and how to become involved in the decision-making process concerning student health issues in Wisconsin. For WASN to be effective in addressing legislative issues impacting school nursing and student health and safety, advocates and WASN members must be willing to engage with their legislators. 
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Search for Wisconsin Legislative Bills and registered positions here.

The WASN legislative committee would like to share this letter, composed by Jack, and encourage you to contact your state representative and voice your support for these proposed budget items for the 2023-2025 state budget.

  1. An overall increase in K-12 education funding of $2.6 billion.
  2. "Get Kids Ahead" Initiative.
  3. Universal Breakfast and Lunch Funding

The WASN legislative committee chair for 2019-2020 is Katelyn Lasse and the committee welcomes new members at any time. Please contact Katelyn if you have an interest in participating in WASN's Legislative Committee.


WASN contracts with a government and public relations liaison to assist with monitoring and providing updates on current legislation relevant to school nursing, school health and the health of children in general. If you have a question regarding a legislative issue or how to best reach out to your legislator, please contact Jack O’Meara for more information.

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